High resolution files

Only whitelisted users will be eligible for presale minting.

In order to get whitelisted, you will have to be an active member on discord and/or participate in our airdrop giveaway. Only after you get a whitelist spot, your wallet will be whitelisted.

The minting will take place in two phases:

1. Presale minting: The first 555 people who successfully invited the most people into this project on different platforms and with successfull usage of their referral codes, will be able to mint up to three NFTs at a lower price.
2. Public minting: Everybody will be able to mint our NFTs at the standard price.

The minting works with the placeholder-reveal mechanism:

After you minted an NFT, you will only see a placeholder without any attributes. The reveal of the real NFT pictures will take place few days (maximum seven days) after public minting started. This mechanism was choosen in order to create more awareness and to increase the value of the collection during minting.

High resolution file on our website after minting:

You can get access of the high resolution pictures here. Only the current holder of a CryptoDemon will have access to the dedicated high resolution file (34.9 megapixel, 4961px x 7039px). The unlockable content will be accessible few weeks after the NFT was minted. Please wait in order to allow us to generate all the dedicated links for the unlockable content. This might take some time depending on how many NFTs are minted, because each NFT needs an own link (the dedicated mint address of the NFT is needed and it is only available after the NFT exist/was minted).

The high resolution files are stored on a private IPFS node, so the files are stored in a dezentralised way but hidden from people who do not own the NFT.

Do you still need help?

If you still need help, please go to our official website or to our FAQ section.